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Every business that operates today generates data, in various formats and these are business critical data. To store these data has always been an arduous task. As per a global survey every company will have nearly 2 times more data than previous year. The options for data storage available includes DAS, NAS, SAN, and Cloud storage. At Missan we assess your requirement for an appropriate storage solution depending on your current data size, future data generation, cost-effective options, reliability and availability.

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“The relationship between servers and storage will continue to evolve in the coming year as customers demand the fastest possible access to their most critical applications.”

- Dan McConnell, Executive Director for Dell Storage

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Why Us?

Faster. Reliable. Scalable.

Our storage experts design the solution based on 3 most important factors for storage solution first the storage should be fast, second it should be reliable and dependable as per the needs of organization and lastly the storage solution should be scalable as per the future needs of the organization.

Our experts craft the solution in such a way that it should be viable in long term scenario.