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Managed IT Services

Amc services

We at Missan IT Solutions have been providing end to end managed IT and consulting services to various domains since 2004. With a set protocol to deal IT challenges, our team of dedicated and trained professionals follow a defined procedure to support business functions. As a widely acclaimed name in providing hi-tech IT support services, we always aim to provide our customers with concrete solutions to tackle crucial IT for business operations. Our solutions focus on reduced risk, affordable pricing strategy, adherence to compliance & security standards. Introduction to newer and better technologies with a lesser turn around time make us unique.

Proactive monitoring

We have exclusive agentless monitoring system for your IT infrastructure . Watching out for the accessibility, execution and strength of your systems and applications. At the point when issues happen we recognize and address them quickly. Reports are generated monthly and examined by our group to ensure creating patterns are captured.

Onsite support/Oncall support

Qualified engineers for onsite visit .Unlimited remote support for systems and servers.The majority of incidents are remotely resolved

Executive reports

Monthly reports, case reports and executive dashboard summary sent to the customers.

Backup monitoring

Monitoring and verification of backup software.

IT Consultancy           

  Guide, advise and protection against attacks and unauthorized access

Patch management

Security updates and patch management will automated.Vital administration of programming and application patches to keep up execution and security.

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